Spring 2016, with one of the coolest kids I have ever taught - Kasey!
As a PAWLP fellow, educator, & writer I sometimes contribute articles to selected blogs.  
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I have been teaching, mostly as an elementary school educator, for almost 26 years now! I got started writing children's books almost immediately when I started teaching; but, it took me about six years to finally get published! What got me started?  ...a desire to make learning about history more fun for young readers (and adults!).  I also wrote books about strong women in history.  I noticed there weren't many books about women in history for young girls and in some ways, even more importantly, for boys to read about. After many years having books published about historic men...I FINALLY have a book about one of history's strongest women coming out in 2018.  Clara Barton's heroic life is the subject of my next Step into Reading, due out in 2018!


Welcome to my website! Browse around! I'll be adding things periodically - from blog articles to pics of readers to insights into my writing life to events I'll be attending. Thank you for visiting! 


Author Visitation Information!

I do make visits to schools for full or half day author visits. Teaching full-time though precludes me from doing many visits.  Please email me at frankmurphy2008@gmail.com if you have interest and I will get back to you ASAP.


I can usually work with schools in reducing the cost of a visit. Generally, the stipend for visiting full day is approx. $600 - $900 with no other expenses. 


My presentations can be customized to exactly what you want - from assemblies to writers' workshops to classroom coaching.