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I am in the process of researching and writing picture books that will incorporate the notion that KINDNESS is....simply....just common sense. My first picture book that sort of falls under this umbrella of "kindness is common sense" is A Boy Like You. It is illustrated by the phenomenal artist Kayla Harren and published by Sleeping Bear Press. My editor for this picture book is Sarah Rockett - she is such a good soul and an expert editor! Sarah totally understood the messages I was trying to convey in my initial drafts and really helped me achieve greater focus with this book. And Kayla, oh boy -- Kayla added so much "story" and emotion to my text with her brilliant art! I am beyond grateful for both collaborators! 


I am working on more titles that incorporate kindness. One is a collaboration with my Chase Murphy, my filmmaking son! I am hoping A Girl Like You (a collaboration with Carla, my wife) is acquired -- it will be a great complement to A Boy Like You. Another picture book project includes Eleanor Roosevelt! Please surf onto some other pages on my website to learn more about

A Boy Like You or Clara Barton or other cool stuff!         











                                                                          Illustration by Kayla Harren from A Boy Like You


Look for continued updates here and check out the hashtag #kindnessiscommonsense on Twitter for cool examples of kindness that people are finding.  



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