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Here are some more of my books!  I have been blessed to have phenomenal editors believe in me and collaborate with me on these books.  From my first editor at Random House, Mallory Loehr, (who taught me so much!) to Heather Hughes (she was fabulous, too) at Sleeping Bear's been a great ride since the late 90s writing with and learning from these editors!  Shana Corey took over handling my Step into Reading titles at RH after Mallory edited Ben Franklin & the Magic Squares.  Shana and I collaborated on George Washington, and Babe Ruth!  (Shana is also one of my favorite authors!!!  Suzy Capozzi started out helping me with Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt!, acquiring it and working through early drafts... and Anna Membrino finished it with me!! Anna!!!  I love love love Anna.  We are currently collaborating on two new SiRs - Brave Clara Barton (February 2018) and an untitled SiR about Frederick Douglass (2019).  Jane Gerver (she was a class act and such a great teacher!) worked with me on Always Inventing: The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison (Scholastic).  Hope to announce more titles soon, in the SiR category and picture book category!   

Sister + Brother = Trouble

Author Frank Murphy details his childhood exploits with his sister. From trouble with electricity to Disneyland rides in the backyard to the revenge of the Barbie doll, Frank's memoirs are unforgettable!

The Legend of the Teddy Bear

While nearly everyone has a memory of their own favorite tattered teddy bear, the details of the day President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear have been lost to time. Now, nearly 100 years later, the legend that has grown around that fateful encounter will captivate you in this delightful tale.Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen brings his magical touch to another great American legend with illustratons for the origins of America's favorite stuffed animal and how it got its name. Author Frank Murphy shares the history and lucky timing of two candy store entrepreneurs who took the story of President Theodore Roosevelt's warm-hearted gesture in refusing to shoot a cornered bear and turned it into a legend of the toy world. Relive the memory of your own timeless, tattered "Teddy's" bear with The Legend of the Teddy Bear.

***Winner of 2001 Children’s Choice Award

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