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Brave Clara Barton

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Meet a woman who outgrew her childhood shyness to become a fearless "Angel of the Battlefield"! This Step 3 biography follows Clara Barton as she helps her brother recover from a terrible injury, overcomes her timidity, and works as a teacher, and finally fights her way to the front lines of the Civil War, where she helps soldiers wounded in battle. Clara's story is a testament to the strength, grit, and persistence of women; Clara Barton is a role model who trancends history. I provides little known anecdotes about Clara's life and journeys with easy-to-read, lively writing. Sarah Green's lovely and delicate illustrations render Clara's life in an appropriate and approachable way for young readers.

Brave Clara Barton released on February 27th, 2018!  It is illustrated by Sarah Green!  I LOVE her art!  Her style is perfect for capturing Clara's verve & grit & grace!  Here is a link to Sarah's site: 

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